Serving Kids for Over 40 Years!

The Traverse City Junior Golf Association first "teed-off" in the summer of 1984. Since that time, the association has offered instruction and competitive programs to thousands of junior and collegiate golfers. Most are from northwestern Michigan, but many come from all areas of the state and beyond. Over 2,500 junior golfers and elementary students participated in the past three years!.

In this program, golfers, from age 5 to 22, develop their game, learn etiquette, and gain self-confidence while playing on some of the finest golf facilities in northern Michigan.

It is the goal of the Traverse City Junior Golf Association to continue providing new and current junior players with a program recognized by many as one of the best in the United States.

The Traverse City Junior Golf Association has a mission to promote junior and family golf activities by:
• Providing young people the opportunity to learn, mature, compete and
grow through the ‘Game of Golf’.

• Teaching the following ‘Life Skills through Golf’: Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Confidence,
 Playing by the Rules and Good Sportsmanship.

• Teaching the ‘Game of Golf’ and a good understanding of the USGA Rules of Golf
and golf course etiquette.

• Recognizing students for their accomplishments both on and off the golf course.

• Encouraging families to enjoy the ‘Game of Golf’ together.
• Promoting the continued growth of the ‘Game of Golf’ through cooperation
with area golf course facilities and schools.

• Disseminating information pertaining to golf programs throughout
the Grand Traverse Area and beyond.